Top Three People to Follow for Marketing Ideas

These are the influencers you should be following for marketing inspiration

Twitter boasts 284 million monthly active users with a whopping 500 million tweets sent per day. With that high level of content, it’s no surprise that it’s easy for users to get lost in the noise.

Using Refollow allows you to grow your audience by targeting influencers in your industry. Using Twitter to promote your tips for how how to maximize Facebook ad spends? You can use Refollow to make sure advertising influencers see your ideas. Showing off your outfit of the day on your fashion blog? Refollow will help you get in front of other fashionistas.

Our team looked at one of the most popular industries among those using Refollow – marketing. Bloggers, e-commerce founders, and salespeople alike all want to connect with influencers in the marketing space to help grow their business.

We researched influencers in the marketing industry so you can have a head start on exploring following their followers, and taking a look at who they themselves are following, in order to grow your audience with marketing influencers on Twitter.

Who you should be following:

  1. @HubSpot: HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that is a marketers dream. From attracting visitors to closing customers, HubSpot brings your entire marketing funnel together. If you are looking to connect with marketing professionals, you can bet they follow or are followed by HubSpot.

  2. @KISSmetrics: @KISSmetrics. KISSmetrics is a web analytics tool that is easy to use, and provides insightful web analytics helps you focus on the metrics that matter for your business to grow. One of the company’s best features for marketers is their blog, which has tips for everything from a beginner’s guide to Facebook insights to the biggest mistakes in mobile app marketing. Those who follow or are followed by KISSmetrics are likely to be well-read and knowledgeable marketers – just the type of people you might want to connect with.

  3. @GaryVee: With over 1 million Twitter followers, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most well-known marketing professionals on the platform. He was one of the first people to capitalize on YouTube with his Wine Library TV channel, and has since launched VaynerMedia, a strategic creative agency focusing on social and digital. Take a peek at who Gary follows to connect with innovative marketers.

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