Getting Started with Refollow (2/3)

Getting familiar with the workflow
Part 1

You’ve signed-up for a free trial, now what? Understanding the basic workflow is often a lot of trial and error. This resources is specifically designed to walk you through each step.

Following the Right People:

Firstly, login or sign-up for a free trial. Do this by authorizing Refollow to access your Twitter profile.


Next, you can click on the profile you want to manage.

Campaign Setup

After clicking on the profile you want to manage, you will see the analytics of how many followers you’ve gained and how your campaigns are performing.

Profile Analytics

Next, you can work on existing campaign and continue following people that have yet to be followed.

Edit Campaign

Or you can go ahead and start a new campaign and find the followers of someone whose followers are people that would be interested in following you.

Create Campaign Button

Filter your search results so that you only find the right people for you. Then Save Settings or Start the Campaign.

Campaign Setup

Follow only the people that are right for you and ignore all the rest. Follow till you hit your daily max follow limit so that you can make sure you are maximizing your productivity each day.

Follow People

Unfollow People

Click on the Unfollow People button.

Unfollow Button

Search and filter the people you want to unfollow (just like the Follow Campaign).

Unfollow Settings

Start the campaign and follow the steps used in the normal follow campaign.

Unfollow People

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